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Brand Ethics

At Bauble Love we are committed to high standard of ethical conduct. As a team we are passionate about what we do everyday and aim to do it with honesty, loyalty and respect for all fellow beings. Running a business and contributing to mankind go hand in hand for us: 

  • Bauble Love's signature collection STUDIO is curated in collaboration with artisans from India and across the world. A lot of effort goes into everything that you see on the website and we owe it to them.  It is no news that their craft is valued very little, underpaid and exploited.To keep our curation process as fair as possible,we ensure fare wage and remuneration is being given to them for their work. In addition 20% to 60% of the proceeds from all these projects go back to them.
  • Bauble Love is committed to the cause of animal welfare and environment conservation. Here is how we do our bit: 
  1. Your total purchase invoice is sent to you on your email id at time of purchase. This easily eliminates the need of sending a physical copy to you hence, helping you and us save paper. 
  2. To ensure use of plastic is reduced, all jewellery is sealed in zip lock packs to ensure they can be reused again. We are in the process of replacing this with jute or paper bags, they are environmental friendly and will help you keep your baubles nice and shiny! 
  3. The shipping labels utilised to mark the shipments are one side printed. We routinely recycle our own and collect many from the offices in our vicinity. 
  4. The cardboard boxes that are part of the final packaging are made from 100% recycled paper waste. 
  • As a final dose to our branding initiative and  support for women entrepreneurship, we have collaborated with two of the best NGOs in Gujarat, Nishra & SEWA respectively to design and make our custom packaging and branding material. All proceeds will be directed back to these women. We will be sharing more details on this project very soon. 


  • Bauble love follows depreciation pricing policy on products. 
  • This means that a certain products that are being offered to you at a special price than its original registered maximum retail price or MRP
  • Special price fluctuate basis demand and product availability.
  • Since our website partners do not provide the facility to indicate markdown products the same is being mentioned on the product page. You might see these changes on certain products time to time. 
  • This policy specifically applies to studio© products.