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  • Kundan means intricate work of gold. 
  • It starts with the construction of the skeletal framework which is known as ‘Ghaat’, followed by the procedure of ‘Paadh’ where lac or natural resin is poured into the base and shaped according to the Kundan set design. 

  • The next stage is called ‘Khudai’ where the uncut, shaped, polished (multi-coloured or single coloured) gemstones, as well as glass, are laid upon the framework. More Kundan or melted gold is added to the edges for a neat, polished look. Details are fine-tuned with the addition of Meenakari at this stage.

  • After that, the process of ‘Pakai’ involves adding the gold foils to hold the piece firmly together. The final stage is the ‘Chillai’ where the gemstones are properly polished.

  • The addition of stunning Meenakari engravings makes the piece a reversible wear.

  • An intricate pair of 18K gold plated hand crafted kundan earrings. The pair is statement wear and heavy. 

"Exceptional craftsmanship, fairly sourced high-quality materials handcrafted like the olden days, but designed for the golden days ahead."

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