₹ 1,499 ₹ 1,999
  • A beautiful vintage inspired pair of pink earrings this light weight pair is a perfect fit for everyday wear. 
  • Material: Brass in Handcut Glass 
  • Weight: 40 gm
  • Measurement: 3 inch in length 

Our electroplated fill does not delaminate, peel, or rub off like regular plated or dipped products. It will keep its shine and luster for a lifetime, giving you an affordable alternative to solid gold while still maintaining its quality and integrity. 

We believe true sustainability is about transparently addressing our impacts on the environment and the people in our ecosystem. 

For that reason, we strike a balance between recycled and fairly mined materials that support communities dependent on the industry. Traceability is important because it allows us to validate the authenticity of the material and improve the social and environmental impacts of our pieces. As we grow globally and expand our networks, maximizing the transparency and traceability of our supply chain is our ultimate goal. Our pristine metal sheets are sourced from Agra. The hand cut glass an earth element is sourced from Jaipur used made natural dye technique giving them their natural vibrant reflective colour. 


We’ve been diligent about working with only the best artisans and micro entrepreneur who align with our values and purpose. Our artisan groups are family-run businesses that work closely with us on social and environmental practices to create high-quality pieces. And we are committed to respect for human rights, health and safety, fair wages. 

We also extend education guidance, medical benefits including health insurance and cash assistance in case of emergencies. 


 Abdul has been practicing the art of making metal jewelry for well over 40 years of life. A trade he learned from his father Abdul started working at the age of 15 and makes wonderful frames in both brass and silver for us that make the base of this stunning craftsmanship. 

Abdul's daughter and her family are also now learning this art so they can take forward the family tradition. Abdul loves his work and is always eager to work on new challenging designs. His enthusiasm is what keep us ticking. 

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