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  • A pair of statement earrings that bound to start conversation no matter here you go! Style our classic afghan earrings with your next anarkali or basics to create a bohemian look for the night. 
  • The earrings are authenticated vintage fro Afghanistan and hand-made by tribal artisans. 
  • The earrings are light weight and come with regaulsr piercing for the back of your ear and a hook that goes into your hair. 
  • The earrings are made in brass and studded with hand-cut glass. 
  • Weight: 117gm

There are many wonderful things about the ecommerce boom that has erupted in recent years: products are easy to search and buy, there are no geographical limitations in reaching customers, and low operational costs are reflected in competitive prices and high-quality services.

Yet while there are plenty of positives, there is still work to be done to streamline the industry’s processes. Packaging practices in particular really need improvement — 58 million tons of waste was produced by e-commerce companies. With the huge increase in online shopping, e-commerce packaging waste is something we need to tackle and tackle fast.

At Bauble Love we are committed to breaking this chain by introducing our own policy of reduce-recycle-reuse policy: 

1. Use of less paper: We are keen on reducing the use of virgin paper. We don't print invoices since they are readily available on your email. We have also worked on optimizing the size of a shipping labels and reuse one-sided paper that are collected from other offices. 

2. Saying no to plastic: While we are trying to reduce the use of plastic we are now working on replacing it with butter paper. Each product is packed within the same before it is put into a pouch. 

3. SHG contribution: We are happy to announce that we are associated with Apna Mandal a SHG in Barmer, Rajasthan. A group of 18 women stitch silk and Georgette pouches from leftover saree waste to make reusable cloth bags. once your shipment is packed in butter paper it is impact in the cloth bag to have it shipped to you. 

4. Bubble Wrap: This is a tricky aspect for us since bubble wrap is necessary to prevent damage to a product during transit. We are working on replacing this with a better paper solution. 

5. POD: Plastic POD or the outer packaging is common in e-commerce deliveries. Starting 1st of September 2020 we have replaced POD with 3-ply boxes. 

Please note we use no frill packaging for all our products regardless of price point. 



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