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Note on Vintage

Please note Bauble Love only deals in genuine and authentic vintage old products from Afghanistan (afghan jewelry) and India (lambhani and vintage 925) These products are not newly made but have been owned and worn by tribal women. These are mint condition pieces and not perfect.

For perfect and new styles (all handcrafted styles and no two will ever be the same) please check out other available collections.

 These pieces of jewelry are often thicker and moderate to heavy to wear.

They have been made approximately 50 to 60 years ago, have been owned by tribal women and hence will carry minor irregularities. This may include missing stones, chips, cuts, minor stains and discoloration . None of these are seen as defects because this is a condition of the product at the time of procurement.

Please note bracelets and cuffs will come in fixed sizes they are non adjustable. You will find this information mentioned in the product description.

Please note for earrings we have specifically mentioned the size and weight of the product in the product description. Details like thickness of piercing (if required and above the regular size), weight tolerability (for heavy weight earrings) are all mentioned in the product description.

We don't accept returns on any vintage product unless the product delivered is damaged or defective or different product has been delivered than what you placed an order for. We don't make any exceptions to the policy.

If you happen to have any queries or concerns please connect with us at +91 7483555313 or at prior to placing your order and our team will be happy to help you.

Our team is available monday to friday from 10am to 6pm.