Intern with Us

We at Bauble Love are passionate about fashion and believe it can change and transform the way we live our lives. We are always on the lookout for fun, interesting and committed people to work with.

At the moment we are taking interns for the following roles:

  • Digital Content Writer

We are looking for experienced digital content writers  who have previously interned with fashion magazines or online fashion providers for content both in terms of writing and images. At the moment we are not looking someone who can tell us why white goes nicely with black and the hairband used for the same. We are looking for serious fashion driven content that underlines the theme or topic given by us and follows it.

Following is mandatory for you apply for the role:

  1. Prior work experience with fashion magazine/ online fashion content curators (please note personal profiles and blogs will only be considered basis the content and is dependent case to case)
  2. Knowledge of Photoshop and adobe illustrator.
  3. Keen interest in fashion & trends (goes with saying!)
  4. Ability to work on short deadlines. (We absolute hate delays!)
  5. A minimum three month commitment to the project and our team

Along with your resume (which is a must!) please attach a sample blog on any one the given topics:

  • 3 fashion trends we wish never come back
  • 5 LBD looks you can nail with Bauble Love
  • PR

If you are a person who loves interacting with folks in our fashion industry we are on a look out for an interesting partner like you. This role will require good communication and negotiation skills and the art of taking follow ups with people. You will be required to hunt and contact fashion influencers, spread the word about Bauble Love and make it a sweet deal with them.

  • Photographer 

 You will be responsible for creating some really neat stuff for both our website and interactive social handles. We love a photographer with art direction & creativity. Please note you must be based out of Bangalore for this one! 


Kindly note we take internships very seriously since it is an investment of time and energy for us and for you as well, due to the effort put on our end to groom you and your effort to contribute to fashion and Bauble Love we do share exclusive coupon codes and goodies at the end of successful competition of internship, hence there is no monetary remuneration offered. If you feel you are cut for the job, please write to us at hello@baublelove.in with your desired role. Please note if you do not hear from us within 3 working days, it means you candidature was not seen as fit for the role.