Bauble Blogger Network


 Welcome to the Bauble Blogger Network! BBN is a private online community for young fashion bloggers who look forward to being an influencing member of the fashion fraternity. We believe in the power of your voice and your influence change the way people perceive fashion and the potential to create unique content. 

We want to create a platform where individuals like you can showcase their personal style, share their blogging passion with everyone, while our in-house team along with our founder will personally mentor you all along the way.

As a member of BBN you will have access to host of benefits: 

  • Personal one on one mentoring from our fashion stylists 

  • Get an opportunity to be our in house fashion stylists, create look books and act as the final authority of fashion for our customers

  • The opportunity to collaborate with Bauble Love for your fashion Blog

  • A chance to be guest blogger on Bauble Love's Blog

  • The occasional Bauble Love Goodies *YAY*

  • The chance to interact with out founder on one on one recommendations for your fashion blog! Well, you can practically ask her anything! 

  • And be the face of Bauble Love for one whole month, with your own photo shoot, feature on our website and so much more

 The program will at any given time will only host five fashion bloggers, to be eligible for the program, the following conditions must be met: 

  • You should be blogging for less than two years

  • Your blog should be well designed and consistent with updates and features 

  • You should have a genuine following of minimum 2k people on any of the following social handles: Facebook,Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or Youtube ( Bonus points for Youtube) 

  • Your social handles should have crisp images and you should strictly be talking about fashion. Accounts will selfies and random poor quality images, content and tags will not be accepted

  • BBN believes in genuine lovers of fashion, earning money and freebies is a part of it but not the sole purpose of fashion blogging. Please apply accordingly. 

 To be part of the BBN shoot us a mail at with BBN <your name>  in the subject line. In the content, please mention the following: 

  • A link to your blog and social handles 

  • How did you stumble upon the concept of fashion blogging and a small story of your journey so far. 

  • Any fashion education,internship, industry experience

  • What do you love about Bauble Love

  • How did you hear about Bauble Love and BBN 

  • Your reason for being part of BBN 


If you have any other questions or queries in regards to the program, please drop us an email at