When people think about Afghanistan, all that comes to mind is that we are a war-torn country but it has been a culturally rich country and it has captured our heart with its silver jewelry 

These beautiful pieces with colorful glass jewels and jingling bells originally came from the nomadic Pashtoon tribes that wandered the border areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan, along ancient routes between the seasons, moving down from the mountains in the winter and back to their homes in the summer. The word Kuchi itself is derived from a Persian word meaning migration, in relation to nomads or gypsies, and does not describe a particular group or people, but rather a state of being. 

Kuchi women have been loading themselves down with as much jewelry as they can carry for a long, long time! Take a look: 

Kuchi Jewelry is marked by signature features such as use of coins,bells, and colorful hand cut glass to produce colorful combinations in form of chokers, necklaces, earrings and cuffs. This work coupled with beads and fabric is MAGIC


When it comes to quality of jewelry, vintage works magic since the best quality of metal and other parts were used to make these jewelry. Modern Kuchi Jewelry pieces are now made from mix metal alloy. Good quality collectible pieces can still be found once in a while and new pieces  abound in both high and low prices however it affects the quality of product in a big way!  A quality piece, whether new or old, can be told by a nice design, a good feel and quality construction.


Most of the pieces available today are fresh ones that are being made due to recent global interest in these pieces, however vintage can never be replaced. Its a link to the past that can be relived every time you wear it

Shop our authentic afghan vintage collection and own a timeless piece of history. 

We thank the numerous internet sources that have helped us compile this article. 

Love Team Bauble 





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