Know Your Jewelry: 92.5 SILVER

Silver has been used for ages to make Jewellery and beautiful ornaments and it certainly doesn't come cheap!
An evening with proper of silver jewellery or a first time buyer these tips could help you out.

Silver in is purest form (99.9%) is a very soft metal and hence cannot be used to make jewellery. You might have heard of the term 92.5 sterling silver jewellery. To make silver jewellery other different kind of metals need to be combined to introduce a bit of hardness to the structure of the metal.
That's why jewellers are capable of making the most integrate and complex designs with 92.5 sterling silver.

So why learn about 92.5 sterling silver?
Real silver does not come cheap it requires quite an investment from your side whether you are buying a simple pair of earrings or a necklace. But it is a worthwhile investment as its value increases with time.
What is a very important is not to be duped into buying fake silver jewellery.

Here is how you differenciate:

1. The Hallmark Test

Inspect your silver jewellery all all around for a mark known as hallmark, an imprint of the number 925 will be available.

However this marking is normally found on larger parts of jewellery pieces where there is space for them to be engraved.

2. The Magnet Test

Hold a regular magnet above or on your jewellery piece, pure silver is non magnetic so if your bauble is drawn to the magnet it's not real 92.5 sterling silver or more.

Chances are that the alloy of jewellery peace was made has a different composition percentage.

3. The Mark Test

We have left the easiest of the test for the last and if you are lazy one. Try running your silver jewellery lightly with a soft light coloured cloth. If black marks appear on the cross the jewellery peace is like need to be a genuine silver.

Real silver oxidizes when exposed to air this create the term is that appears on the cloth when it is rubbed.

At baublelove we are proud of our upcoming sterling silver jewellery collective and have invested a lot of time and love into picking just the right pieces for you. That's why we decided that it was necessary to help you understand the proof of genuinity.
Additionally we are open to all kinds of audits and lab test as a proof of our quality transparency.


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